Some useful information
I'm a previos buyer on Yuujoo, what will happen with my previous purchases?
We keep track on previous purchases but some courses will not be available after we relaunch the site. Instead your purchases will be converted to credit, you can use this credit to buy new courses o be refunded in case you don't want none of the new courses.
So, what about the old courses?
We want to start from scratch and reorganize the content we want to offer. To ensure the availabilty, courses offered will be complete and ready to download. That way user can download the full course at the moment they register for the course.
When are you planing to relaunch the site?
Our plans are to relaunch the site some time on September, but only when the site it's fully tested and content is ready to download on demand.
We are going to have the same features?
No, we are going to simplify the site to make it more easy to use, then from there, we plan on adding more features one by one.